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Advertising & Branding
Our partner channel in Advertising and Branding allows us to provide a full suite of services as it relates to the marketing needs of our Clients. We work with Clients in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, homebuilding, banking, automotive, public school systems, chambers of commerce, fire, tourism, and medical.

Our services include:

Design — We design print ads (newspaper, magazine, etc.), websites, logos, stationery packages (letterhead, envelopes and business cards), direct mail, flyers, brochures, annual reports, banner ads, calendars, newsletters, posters, etc.

Direct Response — Direct response marketing is a form of marketing intended to solicit a direct response which is specific and quantifiable. The most common type of direct response advertising is infomercials. In an infomercial an offer is made and the consumer calls the company directly to take them up on the offer. Another popular form of Direct Response is direct mail utilizing bounce back cards or copy with a strong call to action.

Point of Purchase — Point of Purchase advertising are displays placed at retail shops designed to stimulate impulse purchases. They can be in the form of counter displays, free standing floor bins, window displays, etc. Think of point of purchase units you encounter at the grocery store such as the nice cold beverages at the checkout or the bread on special in the bins next to the checkout counters.

Corporate Identity — Corporate Identity refers to how a business is perceived by the public. Corporate Identity is comprised of three elements:

  1. Visible elements such as logo, colors, typefaces, uniforms, graphics, etc.
  2. Corporate Communication items such as commercials, print ads, website, etc.
  3. Corporate Behavior which includes such things as corporate values, mission and vision statements and such.

Image Campaigns — Image campaigns are used to give the public an understanding of a company’s values. For example, Dove has an image campaign right now called “The Campaign for Real Beauty” which is not designed to be a hard sell of their products but to show the public that the Dove Company wants to help women and young girls build their self esteem and see real life role models.

Print Advertising — Print Advertising is designing anything that will eventually be printed such as brochures or magazine and newspaper ads.

Direct Mail — Direct Mail are communication items sent via mail such as postcards, letters, flyers, etc. We can research and purchase specific mailing lists (for example let’s say you have a Client that wants to reach registered Jeep owners living in Leon County—we can get that list), write the copy and design the mailing piece and prepare and mail it.

Product Literature — We research, write copy, design, print and distribute product literature for many of our clients. Product literature can come in many different forms from something as simple as an 8.5” x 11” flyer to a tri-fold brochure to a media kit consisting of pocket folder and inserts.

Product Branding — Product Branding is the process of creating positive perceptions about a company in the minds of potential and existing customers.

Public Relations — Public Relations is a broad term which covers many different subcategories, but in general, public relations involves everything a company does to ensure that is has a favorable public image. Subcategories include:

  1. Press Releases — Press Releases are articles written by a company and sent to media in the hopes of the media finding it newsworthy and including it in their publication or tv or radio show for free.
  2. Product Placement — Product Placement is where a company pays a fee to get their product placed prominently in a movie or tv show.
  3. Crisis Management — Crisis Management is the methodical attempt to avoid organizational crises or to manage those crises events as they occur.

Photography — We have an in-house photographer that can capture professional images for use in advertising pieces.

Market Research — Market Research is the process of gathering and analyzing data about a particular industry, consumer group, competitor or any other area of interest to determine marketing goals and strategies.

TV Commercials and Sales Videos — We write, shoot and edit tv commercials and sales videos.

Radio Scripts — We write and produce radio commercials.

Billboards — We research the best billboard placement for clients, writes copy and designs artwork for the boards.

Promotional Items — If a company needs promotional items, we can find specialty items at low prices and set up the artwork for the items. Promotional giveaways can be many things such as pens, coffee mugs, calculators, etc.

Editorial/Feature Writing — With an in-house copywriting department, we can handle copywriting tasks from simple radio spots, tv commercials, and literature copy to full length advertorial and editorial features. Advetorials are stories in which the company pays to have the story picked up in a publication. Editorials are non-paid stories that we write on behalf of media.

Media Planning/Buying — Most of our Clients request our media planning and buying services. This process involves us meeting with media representatives, gathering and analyzing media kits and researching all available appropriate media on behalf of the client. Once all media has been researched and analyzed, we prepare a Strategic Media Plan which summarizes our recommendations of which media a client should buy, how much budget should be allocated and rationale as to why we feel these are the best choices.

Trade/Consumer Shows — We assist Clients with tradeshow booth design and production services.

Special Event Planning — Special Event Planning includes such things as grand openings, parade of homes planning, ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings, special promotions, etc. We take care of everything from catering to giveaways, to set up and breakdown.

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