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Secure Data Conduit
Securing data is a business issue that crosses every major industry. Confidential information which has been misplaced, stolen, or hacked makes the headlines almost weekly.

Securing data which is resident on file systems is the most obvious answer but what about data in transit? JVA’s Secure Data Conduit looks at securing data from all possible perspectives.

Secure Data Conduit uses multiple layers of security including the strongest encryption from Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Secure Data Conduit employs a strategy of rotating private/public keys to ensure system integrity.

Secure Data Conduit is capable of encrypting data at rest, data stored in relational databases and data in transit.

This layered approach allows companies to meet compliance guidelines for securing data and has been tested against stringent third-party penetration testing.

We would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you in depth about Secure Data Conduit and how we can work together. Please go to Request a Call Back and we will contact you promptly.

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