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Interactive Design
Companies today realize the importance of having a strong web presence. Still others wish to go beyond the web and find alternative delivery methods for getting new product information out to their customers or establish better brand awareness. JVA offers a interesting set of tools for doing just that.
  • CD/DVD
    The CD/DVD medium is being leveraged to provide a wealth of content rich media to end users. Offering new employee training, product catalogs, marketing campaigns are all examples of ways in which the CD/DVD format is being used. Interactive CD/DVD’s allow your customers to take your message or product with you rather than being transmitted over the Internet. This enables new distribution channels and allows your company information to be viewed anywhere and at any time.

  • Flash Design
    JVA’s use of Flash Design is purposed for web animation and is excellent for website interfaces, flash intros, flashed based product or service tours and interactive multimedia presentations. We see Flash Design being used for online sales and product presentations, trade show animations, multimedia, logos, product tours, navigation interfaces and more.

  • Screen Savers
    Who would have thought that Screen Savers could be a way to enhance company branding and increase mindshare? Screen Savers can do just that with some of the intelligence builds in. Our Screen Savers are database driven and can showcase new products, consumer alerts and more at the touch of a button. JVA Screen Savers are dynamic and interactive. Our Screen Savers have been used by automotive dealerships to announce special vehicle pricing and leasing promotions.

  • Wallpaper
    Something as simple as creating Wallpaper for your desktop computer or laptop with a corporate identity or logo can create a stunning image for your traveling sales staff. Paying attention to these minute details is where a company’s Interactive Design strategy really begins to differentiate themselves from the competition.
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JVA has been a trusted partner and advisor to our eBusiness division for years.

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