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Strategic Services
It doesn’t take a seasoned business professional to know that the technology initiatives of a business need to be in direct alignment with its strategic objectives. It is not uncommon however for business growth to climb so rapidly that the technology investment portfolio lags. JVA’s Strategic Services are technology driven offerings with tight alignment to the Client’s business goals.
  • CIO Consulting
    Our CIO Consulting practice is available to Clients who have either a vacancy in their CIO position or who need someone to help ensure IT-Business Alignment. We help companies establish strategic, long-range Business-IT planning in order to accommodate growth. Our methodologies allow companies to collaborate internally between all business units in order to effectively align technology projects with business goals.

  • IT Staffing
    Few companies can boast that their staffing is properly sized. Most will try to run ‘lean and mean’ while still other are just flat out understaffed. These are not uncommon business challenges. There will come a time when the business must add resources to meet any number of business requirements. JVA’s IT Staffing exists to drop in technologists to assist on most any type of IT project.
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JVA has been a trusted partner and advisor to our eBusiness division for years.

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