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Application Services
When it comes to new business initiatives there is almost always a technology component. A lot of companies have a hard time getting out of the starting block due to the fact that the technology solution required is beyond the skillsets of in-house personnel. JVA is often called upon to help our Clients make a push past this obstacle.

Our Application Services team provides the expertise our Clients need to align with their staff in order to allow the business to progress and grow.

  • Application Support
    In some situations we have Clients that have inherited legacy applications or their own systems have become antiquated. If you need someone to help keep the ‘lights on’ while a new solution is built and put in place our Application Support model may work for you.

  • Custom Applications
    The age old question in new systems implementation is: purchasing an ‘off the shelf’ product that meets 70% of your needs vs building a custom application that meets your exact needs. Honestly, there are a ton of variables to be considered and ultimately there is no easy answer here. For many of our Clients however JVA’s Custom Application builds have been just what the doctor ordered.

  • Database Design
    If it were not for the advancement of Database Design technologies we would all still be using paper and pencil. We do find however that between Access and Excel many companies have more databases floating around than they can successfully manage…resulting in disparate sources of business data. When you are ready to consolidate your data into one cohesive repository we hope you will consider JVA’s Database Design services.

  • Project Management
    With business growth reaching new heights over the past decade our Clients have more ongoing projects than they can handle. They lean on us before their workload becomes unmanageable and we are happy to assist them getting new projects off the ground or perhaps project recovery efforts.
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JVA has been a trusted partner and advisor to our eBusiness division for years.

Richard Blake
Universal Data Technologies