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TaskTracker - Project Management
Managing resources, projects, to do’s, activities can consume even the most capable management team. The market is flooded with various software and tools that claim to alleviate this burden when in reality all they do is provide another way to ‘list’ everything that needs to get done… the process of completing tasks is still a very manual process. What managers truly desire is a tool that will allow them to automate task management, enable collaboration, and manage projects at the task level.

JVA’s TaskTracker is a web-based Task Management tool that allows business to focus on delivering projects rather than just organizing them. TaskTracker provides a method for task accountability that no other project management tool can. TaskTracker has built-in workflow to ensure that tasks assigned to a specific resource cannot go ignored.

TaskTracker is versatile enough to manage the most complex project or individual project activities. In addition, TaskTracker has a time entry component that allows resources to indicate the amount of time they consumed to complete a task.

JVA’s TaskTracker can remove the burden of managing multiple projects and allow you to focus on getting things done.

We would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you in depth about TaskTracker and how we can work together. Please go to Request a Call Back and we will contact you promptly.

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