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JVA has been a trusted partner and advisor to our eBusiness division for years.

Richard Blake
Universal Data Technologies

Database Design
Information drives our global economy and flows through our company infrastructure as business decisions are made, products are sold and money trades hands. Almost everything we do on a daily basis involves database technology and the information it empowers.

Here is a sampling of our Database Design services:

  • Application Data Integration
  • Data Modeling and Structures
  • Database Management
  • Data Mining and Collaboration
  • SQL Application Queries
  • Data Conversion
  • Unstructured Data Discovery
  • Data Loads

JVA is well-versed in logical and physical database modeling having built database driven applications available over the web for the past 12 years.

  • At the logical data modeling level, we attempt to describe the data in as much detail as possible, without regard to how they will be physically implemented in the database. Our concepts on logical data modeling:
    • Includes all entities and relationships among them
    • All attributes for each entity are specified
    • The primary key for each entity is specified
    • Foreign keys (keys identifying the relationship between different entities) are specified
    • Normalization occurs at this level

  • At the physical modeling level, we will specify how the logical data model will be realized in the database schema. Our concepts on physical data modeling include:
    • Specification of all tables and columns
    • Foreign keys are used to identify relationships between tables
    • Denormalization may occur based on user requirements
    • Physical considerations may cause the physical data model to be quite different from the logical data model.
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Databases on the Internet.  JVA has developed and deployed many Internet applications using these affordable and accessible databases.  Data collection has never been easier.
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JVA has developed enterprise applications to all major application servers. Few firms have the flexibility, skillset and focus to deploy applications across all major platforms.