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Ask any business with a mature Application Development practice and they will confirm the importance of standardizing on an application framework.

JVA has invested 12 years of architecting FoundationBuilder. FoundationBuilder serves as a common platform for all our development projects.

FoundationBuilder is a developer’s best friend because it handles all of the tedious, low level details of creating an application inherently. This means that the developer can focus more on business requirements and less on the actual assembly of code.

FoundationBuilder provides standards for exception handling, error logs, database connection pooling, field validation, load balancing which are resident in every application that is built. Many of these features need only be turned on or off.

We would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you in depth about FoundationBuilder and how we can work together. Please go to Request a Call Back and we will contact you promptly.

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Through JVA's CIO Consulting, information technology planning is an integral part of organizational strategic initiatives and program delivery.

Mary Lazor
COO, Live the Life