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BuyNow - Shopping Cart
The Internet has provided a new medium by which people purchase goods and services. Retail websites have risen in popularity with the advent of online shopping carts.

JVA’s BuyNow shopping cart engine is available to transact online credit card and layaway purchases for most any retailer. BuyNow includes a customizable ‘sku’ system which retails can make unique to their inventory needs.

BuyNow integrates with most major credit card clearinghouses including PayPal. JVA can also customize the ‘look and feel’ of BuyNow to integrate seamlessly into any website so that when a customer ‘checks out’ there is no appearance of having left the retailers website. Further, JVA can utilize sub-domain names in order to maintain continuity with the retails name and brand.

We would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you in depth about BuyNow and how we can work together. Please go to Request a Call Back and we will contact you promptly.

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